Fan Speed Control for F16/20/24 Battery Driven Fans

Fan Speed Control for F16/20/24 Battery Driven Fans
Control for Sugar Mountain Fans


Fan speed control for the A-F16-B, A-F20-B, and A-F20-B, battery based ventilation fans.

The battery based fans will run at full speed when connected to a battery bank, sometimes moving much more air than needed for an application.  This simple control can slow the motors down as needed. 

This controller does not work with the solar direct versions of these fans.

The control gives feedback directly to the motor to control speed.  It does not go in-line between the battery and fan.  Simply limiting the supply voltage to the motor with an in-line potentiometer can damage these motors.

One controller can handle up to 10 fan motors, though the wiring may get a bit crowded.

Wiring Diagram - Single Fan

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Additional Information

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