IOTA Battery Charger - 24V 40A - DLS27-40

IOTA Battery Charger - 24V 40A - DLS27-40
Model DLS27-40 24V is a 1100 watt power supply


IOTA Battery Charger - 24V 40A - DLS27-40

Model DLS27-40 24V is a 1100 watt power supply. It can deliver a 40 amp maximum charge at 24 volts (equal to a 80 amp/12 volt charger).  

Backwoods maximizes the voltage set points at either 29.6 or 30.8. These set points are user selectable via a simple plug-in jack.  Similar to all battery chargers, as battery voltage increases it is not unusual to witness a decrease in charging current. 120v 20 amp outlet required for this charger. This outlet will have one vertical and one horizontal spade receptacle as well as the standard ground prong receptacle.

IOTA Engineering uses advanced switch mode technology in the production of this highly sophisticated electronic battery charger. The DLS series converter efficiently charges batteries with its full rated output. It then maintains the batteries by only putting into the battery bank what is required to maintain the selected voltage set point. Short circuit, overload, and thermally protected. These chargers do not have a float feature so they work great when using a generator to recharge your batteries as quickly as possible. Will work with grid power also but should be disconnected once the battery bank is recharged to avoid excessive water use.

Historically, low and transient AC line voltage was a major cause of battery charge failure. The DLS series is protected against low line voltage as well as spikes coming from your AC power source. It also meets FCC criteria for minimizing radio and television equipment interference.

Iota chargers can tolerate input voltages up to 132 VAC; beyond that they can be damaged.  Avoid input surges from generators.  Allow generators to warm up before connecting power.  Disconnect power to Iota before turning generator off.  Avoid letting generator run out of fuel, as the loss of fuel can cause a generator to produce very high voltages momentarily.

Two Year Warranty


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