Humanitarian Outreach and International Projects


Fuel to run generators became scarce and expensive after the Haitian earthquake. Many of the schools and clinics did not have proper lighting. Sun Energy Power International (SEPI) and Solar Energy International (SEI) reached out to companies in the solar field for help. Answering that call were Backwoods Solar Electric Systems and Alternative Energy Engineering with donations of solar modules. Morningstar donated charge controllers, and Ed Eaton of Our Sun Solar built and donated LED lights. Most of the systems went to 15 physicians who had taken a training course the year before. Some went into schools where people slept and others went to Doctors without Borders.


Solar System in Burma Thailand

Backwoods Solar Electric Systems worked in conjunction with SEI to design and supply product at a discount to Border Green Energy Team who educate and install solar systems in Burma and Thailand. These systems serve thousands of people within the community who rely on clinics that need power for lighting nighttime surgery, vaccine refrigerators, medical devices, etc.

Solar Installer Program BGET in Burma and Thailand





Backwoods supplies product for community telecenters in NigeriaIn Nigeria, Backwoods Solar worked with NIGCOMSAT & Project Engineering to design solar powered systems for the numerous Community Telecenters in the country. These systems have been installed both in urban and rural areas. The systems use Outback Flexware 500 power panels, and roof mounted Kyocera modules. The telecenters provide broadband service, have laptops, servers, and communications equipment that the communities can use. The solar energy system powers all of the equipment and lighting needed for the communities to be successful in their goals. We are currently providing quotes and system design ideas for an additional 1500 systems.

 Backwoods Solar helps with installation of off-grid telecenters in Nigeria


Backwoods designs and supplies product for powering voting stations in the Democratic Republic of CongoThis project was installed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and one that we were very excited about. Backwoods worked with a satellite telecom company to provide solar power to 220 remote towers. We reviewed the specifications with the client and designed each system to provide continual solar power using two Yingli modules, MPPT charge controllers, and Deka batteries. These telecom towers were installed in remote areas of the DRC in an effort to have people who have not had the chance to vote, vote for the first time in the upcoming presidential election. After the election the systems continued to provide telecommunications service from village to village. We have been asked to provide an additional 4,500 systems to help expand the communication infrastructure in the future.