Initial Planning Questions to Ask Yourself - This is a good place to start when your just starting to explore your off the grid electricity options.

Upgrading Your Off-Grid System - Three voltage choice add-ons to upgrade or expand your existing off grid solar systems with minimal changes to the existing configuration.

Is Your System Ready for Winter? - A checklist of those things to review before winter arrives!

Phantom Loads - Are they lurking in the shadows of your home?

The Off-Grid Home - How to get started with homemade electricity in a remote home.  Rough ideas of what systems cost and where to put them.

Appliance Selection for your Off-Grid Home - Detailed descriptions of everything from simple lighting, computers and electrical components to large appliances.

DC Fridges - Protect Your Food with a Backup Solution

How Much Power Do You Use? - Article contains explanations for doing AC Load calculations, as well as a downloadable worksheet. Solar Radiation Map with percentages to compensation for cloudy days in order to help determine watts needed.

MPPT Charge Controllers Explained - An explanation of why this type of charge controller is necessary in some installations.

When to Use DC Appliances & Voltage Converters - Explains when it makes sense to use DC power directly.

Safety & Local Help - An article about safety and code with links to websites that can help.

Wiring Your Home for Efficiency - Best practices for wiring your home to maximize your renewable energy systems.

Wire Sizing Charts - Charts that help you figure out your wiring needs.

Battery Wiring Diagrams - Diagrams of typical battery configurations for 12V, 24V and 48V systems.


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