Midnite Whiz Bang Jr

Midnite Whiz Bang Jr
Midnite Whiz Bang Jr


The Midnite Whiz Bang Jr works with Midnite Classic and Kid charge controllers to provide amperage readings for battery monitoring and a greater degree of charger control.

The Whiz Bang Jr. is mounted to the side of an existing system shunt (or add one to your system by ordering the M-SHUNT-500 separately).  Once installed and set-up the Status screen of your Classic or Kid controller will display the available information; including Instantaneous Current, Remaining Amp Hours, Board Temperature, State of Charge Percentage, and more.

The Whiz Bang Jr. also adds the ability to end a controller's Absorb charging stage based on Ending Amps, for a finer degree of control in battery charging.

Packaged size: 5" x 4" x 2", weighs 1 lb.
Made in USA
5 Year Warranty.


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Additional Information

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