Outback ICS Plus-4 PV Rapid Shutdown

Outback ICS Plus-4 PV Rapid Shutdown
Outback Flexware ICS Plus-4


Outback ICS Plus-4 PV Rapid Shutdown

FLEXware ICS Plus is the first end-to-end solution listed to UL 1741 with photovoltaic rapid shutdown systems (PVRSS) for both battery-based and grid-direct solar systems. This solution meets the following 2014 National Electric Code (NEC) requirements:

NEC 690.11—Arc fault protection (protects against arc faults due to loose connections, damaged wires or other DC component failures)
NEC 690.12—Rapid shutdown (provides a means for first responders to safely de-energize controlled conductors)
NEC 690.15—DC combiner disconnect (opens all ungrounded circuit conductors from all sources of power)

The FLEXware ICS Plus is rated to 600VDC for integration in a wide range of systems and designed for ease of service and clean wire management.

The ICSPLUS-4 package includes:

(4) FWPV6-FH600-SDA; Six String Combiner Box, total of twenty-four strings, for four charge controllers
(1) RS1; Rapid Shutdown Initiator
(1) BKR-CTRL-DC; DC Breaker Control and Power Supply
(1) PNL-75Q-DC-RT; Relay Trip Breaker

Total weight: ~54 lbs


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