Solar Direct DC Super Fan - 16inch - 12/24V- Version 2

Solar Direct DC Super Fan - 16inch - 12/24V- Version 2
Large DC Super Fan - 16inch - 12/24V, Ver. 2 Motor


Solar Direct DC Super Fan - 16inch - 12/24V- Version 2

Looking for a new DC ventilation fan? Backwoods now features Sugar Mountain Fans, manufactured just up the road from BWS. The F-16 plus is a brushless 16 inch, 12/24 Volt ventilation fan. Our fan is designed to meet your needs every season in the greenhouse or attic install. Intended for use with 12 volt or 24 volt solar panels as low as 30 watts up to 250 watts and can be used in conjunction with 24 volt battery banks. It will also perform with 300 watt and 72 cell modules with open circuit voltages of 44 volts. The F16-PLUS is protected from moderate over-voltage and thermal fluctuations.

The Super Fan has been tested through a variety of panel and voltage configurations. We recommend three configurations for “small”, “medium”, and “large” applications. “Small”: all 12 volt panels; a 30 watt panel will provide an airflow of about 9 mph(estimated 1000 cuft/min). “Medium”: a 60 watt panel will produce up to 17 mph(estimated 1900 cuft/min). “Large”: a 135 watt panel will hit 18 mph and faster.

The best thing about our new DC Super Fan is the brushless motor. Motor brush replacements were common on previous fans especially if they were run at high RPM’s. With no brushes the F16-PLUS will outperform other fans. Solve your circulation issue with this solar direct solution!

The F16-PLUS is not intended for use with 12 volt battery banks or AC power of any kind.

Performance Chart

2 Year Warranty from purchase date. All parts are replaceable and can be ordered individually as needed.

Dimensions: 20.125” X 20.125” X 5.5”

Ship Weight: 16 lbs

Actual Weight: 11 lbs

Additional Information

Additional Information

model F16-PLUS-V.2