Solar Wiring

Wiring Individual Solar ModulesSolar Wire Example

Once the panels are mounted, wire must be connected from each solar module to receive the power generated. Sunlight resisitant flexible 10 or 12 gauge wires connect from each solar modules junction box to a combiner box. You will find bulk wire, as well as pre-cut wires with terminal ends or MC cables and weather tight box seals in the following listings. Diagrams for wiring for various voltages are in our Learning Center.

Grounding the Array

Grounding Lug ExampleThe aluminum frames of solar modules need to be grounded, either by using UL rated grounding clips, WEEBs or with a grounding lay-in-lug attached to each module and a copper wire run between the lay-in-lugs. Copper wire is most cost effectively sourced locally at your hardware or electrical store.

Wire Size & Distance

Much larger wire for positive, negative, (and sometimes the ground rod) run from the combiner box/s to the battery room. These run in conduit from the box to underground, and often also in conduit the full distance underground. The wires are larger, and are limited in permissible length because any voltage drop would reduce the solar charging. Arrays for 24 and especially 48 volts are allowed much longer distances over smaller wires. A wire sizing chart to guide the selection of wire gauge for each array voltage and distance are provided in our Learning Center.