Battery Based DC Super Fan - 16inch - 12/24V

Battery Based DC Super Fan - 16inch - 12/24V
16" Greenhouse Fan - 12/24 Volt - Battery Based


The F16-B greenhouse/attic fan is the 16" Battery-Based model of the DC Super Fan product line featured at Backwoods.

The battery based models of the Super Fans use a different motor than the solar direct fans; more appropriate  to run at the voltage levels seen on battery banks. Battery based solutions allow the fan to operate at nighttime or in overcast weather.

The F16-B has been tested over a range of voltage levels to evaluate power consumption and air movement.

Voltage: 12.0   12.5 13.0   13.5  25.0  26.0
 Watts:  18.0  20.0  22.1  24.3  122  130
 CFM:  1064  1162  1272  1321  2091  2324

As shown by the numbers, small variations at the 12 volt levels create a modest range of air flow volumes.  For applications that don't need the full CFM volumes a speed control (A-FAN-CONTROL, sold separately) can be used to limit the CFM. 

The F16-B motor has been successfully tested at voltages as low 11.5 volts, but may cease to operate at 11.2 volts or lower.

The best thing about the DC Super Fans is the brushless motor. Motor brush replacements were common on previous fans especially if they were run at high RPM’s. With no brushes the Super Fans will outperform other fans.

The F16-B is not intended for solar direct application or AC power of any kind.

2 Year Warranty from purchase date. All parts are replaceable and can be ordered individually as needed.

Dimensions: 20.125” X 20.125” X 5.5”

Ship Weight: 16 lbs

Actual Weight: 11 lbs

Additional Information

Additional Information

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