Meters & Battery Monitors

When it comes to off grid power systems, specifically any power system that uses a battery, it’s important to monitor how much energy is being used. At, we carry a great selection of energy meters that measure the energy of your battery system.

If you’re looking for a solar battery meter to be used for your off grid power system, you’re in the right place. We carry analog and digital energy meters that will work great with any deep cycle batter system. We carry the extremely popular Kill-A-Watt AC power monitor, as well as Bogart Engineering Trimetric battery meter kits.  Whether looking for battery monitor systems, meters, shunts, and other battery accessories, has you covered.

A solar battery meter is an essential part of any battery-based system, as ignored batteries can become weak. Protect the lifespan and performance of our batteries by easily monitoring their power with the best selection of energy meters at

Off grid energy meters should be placed in a location where they are easily accessible. We suggest mounting your solar battery meter in a visible and convenient location, for ease of use and optimal performance.