Samlex Step Down Voltage Converter - 48/24V-8A

Samlex Step Down Voltage Converter - 48/24V-8A
Samlex Step Down Voltage Converter - 48/24V-8A


Samlex Step Down Voltage Converter - 48/24V-8A

Voltage converters are often used in off-grid homes where the voltage of a DC appliance does not match voltage of the system's battery bank. A voltage converter taps the voltage of the battery bank, and “steps-up” or “steps-down” to the appropriate output voltage. The output can be used to energize a small DC breaker panel, or can be wired directly to a circuit to support an appliance. In step-down applications with long wire runs, the step-down converter can be placed at the end of the wire run for a more efficient, higher voltage transmission.

The Samlex IDC-200C-24 converts incoming 48 volts down to a 24 volt output.  Maximum current on the output side is 8 amps.

Input voltage range: 30 - 60 VDC; for battery sets that equalize to 60 volts or higher, consider using a DC switch or circuit breaker to disconnect power to the converter when running EQ cycles.  This model does not have built-in over voltage protection on the input side.

Output voltage: 24.5 VDC

Measures: 6.9" x 3.5" x 1.9"
Weighs 1.4 lbs.

Two year warranty.

Samlex specifically states to not use this device as a battery charger.


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