Schneider Electric Conext XW PRO Inverter/Charger

Schneider Electric Conext XW PRO Inverter/Charger
Schneider Electric Conext XW Pro Inverter *

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Schneider Electric CONEXT XW PRO Inverter/Charger

The XW Pro from Schneider Electric builds on the existing XW+ product line features a design upgrade to be compliant with the new Rule 21 requirements for net metering in California and Hawaii.  The XW line of products offers a robust solution to stacked systems, a new suite of products for large systems and internet connectivity.

A pure sine wave, battery based inverter/charger that is capable of grid-tie functionality or stand alone, off-grid operation as well.  Features two 240 volt AC inputs for grid and generator, with 120/240 split phase AC output.  Capable of 12,000 surge for 1 minute.  The built-in transfer relay is rated for 60 amps.  140 amp battery charger.  Purchase a Conext SCP for proper control, configuration, and monitoring of the inverter. Or updrade to the Context Gateway to provide  local system coniguration and management as well as live system monitoring for the residential and commercial range of solar products.

 Up to three inverters can be stacked together for a total of 18,000 watts of continuous capacity(at 40 degrees C).

The Conext XW Pro features Compliance with Rule 21 in California and Hawaii for more robust control of net metering, and grid stability. The XW Pro's grid-interactive features are highly configurable; allowing for full net-metering based functionality, with the battery bank held in reserve for utility outages, or run your battery based solar electric system as if you were off the grid, using utility power as the world's biggest back-up generator, or any combination of functionality in between.  The secondary AC input allows for use of a generator as well, resulting in one of the most robust system designs possible.  All in one package!

Uses 8 watts in search mode; 28 watts in invert mode with no load.
Battery bank capacity: 440 AH to 10,000 AH, depending on array size. 

Actual: 23" x 16" x 9", 122 lbs.
Shipping: 28" x 22.5" x 15.5", 169 lbs.

Five year limited warranty, extendible to ten years
UL/CA listed. 

The XW inverter is what Shawn at Backwoods uses to power his full time off grid residence. The XW is also what Alan at Backwoods uses to provide a battery backup to the grid power we use to power daily operations at our office. Feel free to call Alan or Shawn to discuss their experiences with the XW inverters.

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