Six Circuit Load Center Kit

Six Circuit Load Center Kit
Six Circuit Load Center Kit - Code Approved for Low Voltage DC or AC


QO612L100S Six Circuit Load Center Kit

Square-D QO circuit breakers are UL listed for 12 and 24 volt DC circuits or for 120/240 volt AC home or generator circuits. 

Use a separate unit for DC and for AC. Do not mix voltages in a single box.

We stock model QO612L100S, a six-circuit load center. We ship it with two 20-amp QO-120 breakers included. The remaining four empty breaker-slots may be filled with breakers of your choice from 10 to 60 amp maximum QO breaker size.

The QO612 load center can be used for most DC lighting or appliance circuits, and even small inverters. Breakers can also be dedicated to your PV array (low voltage arrays only) as a convenient disconnect between array and controller or controller and battery bank as well as between your hydro input and battery bank.

60 amps is maximum breaker size. 

9"W x 12-3/4"H x 4"D

8 lbs. Shipping Weight

Additional Information

Additional Information

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