Dankoff Slowpump 1322 - 24V

Dankoff Slowpump 1322 - 24V
Dankoff Solar Slowpump


Dankoff Slowpump 1322 - 24V

The 1322 booster pump can draw water from shallow wells, springs, cisterns, tanks, ponds, rivers and streams, and push it as high as 440 vertical feet and through miles (kilometers) of pipeline. Slow pumping minimizes the size and cost of the solar array, wire and piping. Slowpumps are less expensive than submersible DC pumps, and made in a much wider range of sizes. Wearing parts typically last 5 to 10 years. Overall life expectancy is 15 to 20 years.

Suction Capacity
20 vertical feet (6 m) at sea level – subtract 1 ft.. for every 1,000 ft. altitude (1 m for every 1,000 m). Pump should be placed as low as possible and gravity fed water is best.  Filters, angled joints, and small diameter pipe will all impact usable suction capacity.

Performance Range
20 feet of lift delivers 0.51 gpm using 27 PV watts.  Maximim of 440 feet of lift delivers 0.39 gpm using 168 PV watts.

Filtration Requirement
This pump cannot tolerate dirt. Water must be filtered clear. If water is very dirty, improve the source.

PV-Direct (non-battery) Requirements
The rated power of the PV array must exceed pump watts by 20% or more. Our table specifies actual PV watts needed. Performance specs in our table are at 15 and 30V DC. It’s okay to power by a battery bank, but performance will be 20% less than our table specifies.
A linear current booster (controller) is required to start and run in low light.

1/2” female fittings.  Dimensions: 5.7" x 15.5”, weight 16 lbs.

Warranty 1 year 


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