SnapNRack Flashed L Foot - CLEAR, UL

SnapNRack Flashed L Foot - CLEAR, UL
SnapNRack Flashed L Foot - CLEAR, UL


SnapNRack Flashed L Foot - CLEAR, UL

SnapNRack panel mounting system.

The Series 100 product line from SnapNRack offers a sturdy, flexible, easy-to-install, and cost effective roof mounting solution for solar panels. The standardized rail architecture uses an upper/lower or left/right rail set to hold panels in a row of any length. Sliding mid and end clamps hold the panel frames to the rails; and a variety of feet serve as the mounting points to secure the entire assembly to the roof.

The channeled design of the aluminum rails allows the position of the feet to be easily adjusted so that penetrations into the roof itself can be aligned to hit structural timbers for the strongest attachment possible.

A typical SnapNRack solution will consist of several components, including; rails, rail splices, end and mid clamps, rail caps,  and mounting points.  A variety of mounting points are available to choose from, depending on the type of roofing material, including standard L-Feet, Flashed L-Feet, Corrugated Blocks, Standoff Posts, and more. Knowing the dimensions of your roof space, and the make and quantitiy of the panels, Backwoods can readily recommend a configuration to best suit your needs.

The S-SNR-FLSHL-CU model number designates a FLaSHed L-foot mounting point, Clear anodized aluminum color. 

Flashed L-Feet are the appropriate mounting point choice for composite shingle roofs.  The flashing portion is flat aluminum sheet that slides beneath the upper row of shingles, providing a continuous surface to prevent rain from penatrating the roof.  This particular product includes a standard L-Foot  that mounts to the flashing, and provides the connection to support the rail.  

The appropriate number of mounting points is based on the total length of rail to be supported.  A minimum of one mounting point for every 6' of support is the minimum standard.  Areas of extremely high winds or heavy snow loads should use one mounting point for every 4' (or less!) of support.

Series 100 Residential Roof Mount System Installation Manual (PDF)

Shipping dimensions:  approx. 18" x 12" x 3", weight: 1.25 lbs.


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