SolarForce 5gpm 100PSI 1/2hp 12V PV

SolarForce 5gpm 100PSI 1/2hp 12V PV
Solar Force piston pump, solar direct


SolarForce 5gpm 100PSI 1/2hp 12V PV

12 volt solar direct Solar Force piston pump, pumps more water with less power. Outlasts 10 small diaphragm pumps. Tolerates dirty water. Life expectancy is 20 years with 2 to 6 year owner performed maintenance schedule. Cast iron body, brass cylinder and valve seats, oil bath crankcase, and pressure relief valve. Seal and belt, and long term parts kits available for field servicing.   

Ideal configuration is to have input primed from a gravity fed source.  Alternatively, the pump can lift water from a shallow well.  Foot valve is required for suction lift. Maximum 22 feet suction.  Subtract 1 foot of lift for every 1000 feet above sea level.  Inlet 1-1/4 inch, outlet 1 inch pipe thread.

Maximum lift of 230 feet (100 psi) delivers 4.7 gallons per minute using a 377 watt array of panels.   A 30 amp linear current booster is required for solar direct applications. 

23" x 13" x 16"

Two year warranty.

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Additional Information

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