Ground, Roof, and Awning Mount; 125" Channel

Ground, Roof, and Awning Mount; 125" Channel
Tamarack - Adjustable Roof Mount for modules


S-UNI-GR125CV, Tamarack Solar ground, roof, and awning panel mount with 125" channel.

Tamarack offers a simple solution to mounting several smaller panels, or up to 3 larger panels on a tilt-up rail mount.  Appropriate for roof, ground, or wall mounting, the mounts feature telescoping legs to easily adjust the seasonal angle for optimum solar exposure.

Panels can be attached in Landscape orientation (long dimension runs left to right) or Portrait orientation (long dimension runs up and down).  Compare the width of the panel for Landscape, or the length of the panel for portrait to the overall length of the rail, 125" in this case.  Example: this 125" rail can accommodate three 60 or 72 cell panels with a width of ~40".

Feel free to call Backwoods for advice in selecting the best mount for your application.

Larger installations using multiple mounts in a row can be tied together using Tamarack's Mount Intertie Kit, sold separately, for greater structural stability.

Rails, legs, and feet are made of anodized aluminum.  Nut and bolt hardware is stainless steel.

The longer rails on this mount consist of two shorter pieces spliced together to make the full 125" length.

Weighs ~30 lbs.
10 year warranty on structure, 3 year warranty on finishes.


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Additional Information

model UNI-GR/125CV