UNI-TP/02A Tamarack, Pole Top (4"), Single Column 55"

UNI-TP/02A Tamarack, Pole Top (4"), Single Column 55"
UNI-TP/02A Tamarack, Pole Top (4"), Single Column 55"


UNI-TP/02A Tamarack Top of Pole Mount, Single Column 55"

Top of pole mount to hold a single column of panels, on a rail length of 55".  Select a Top of Pole Mount by making sure the rail length will span the dimensions of the modules you plan to use.  In most cases, the panel(s) will sit in landscape orientation on top of rails that run up and down beneath it; so the width of the panel(s) must be compared to the length of the rails.  In this case, for example, two panels with a width of 26.25" each will fit on the 55" rail.  Other combinations are possible as well. In some cases the hole spacing on the panel frame can be a factor in selecting the correct mount.  

Tamarack mounts are manufactured using powder coated steel and heavy-duty corrosion-resistant 5000 series aluminum.  Seasonal tilt of the array is easily managed by loosening/tightening a simple set of nuts and bolts (a second person should hold the array in place for the weight and wind gusts, while adjusting).

Mounts on a 4" schedule 40 steel pipe, purchased locally.  Maximum height of pole, and size of the hole required are documented in the installation manual

Picking out the proper pole mount for your array can entail many considerations, mounting hole spacing in the panel frame can affect selection; feel free to call Backwoods for our recommendations.

Module tilt range: 15 to 65 degrees

Made in USA
10 year warranty


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Additional Information

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